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Know Your Pelicans

Meet Jocelyn Bibi

Middle School Counselor

Know Your Pelicans

Can you describe a favorite or memorable moment you've had in the classroom?

I've already had so many memorable moments at Packer, even though this is my first year. I mean . . . starting a new job in the middle of the pandemic can definitely be considered memorable! Aside from that, I've gotten to spend time in a 5th Grade classroom each day supervising students while their teacher is remote. However, I don't see them when we have virtual school, because no supervision is needed.

The first day back after winter break, I saw them in the hall, and they came charging at me yelling, "MS. BIBI!" It warmed my heart, and I was so happy to see them. I felt lucky to have built such strong relationships and have so much care for those kids after only half a year at Packer.

Share a time when you've learned something from your students. 

I learn everyday from Packer kiddos––especially what it's like to be a teenager in 2021. As much as I try to relate to them, they're growing up in a totally different world than I did not so long ago. I try to be open and listen to them––I never want to assume that I can fully understand what they're going through.

I've also learned a lot about Packer culture this year from my students. They are so caring and kind with one another, and I try to take that into my own life every day.

Name a book/artwork/piece of music that changed your life and explain how.

I've always been a big theater/broadway lover. Dear Evan Hansen was a recent standout. A musical about mental health?! That's the dream. I think theater touches so many people in so many ways, and the fact that the subject of mental health, which is often stigmatized, was put on stage is a huge deal. Hopefully it's opened conversations that people were afraid to have before.

Growing up, did you have a teacher who was particularly influential for you?

Whenever I'm asked about influential teachers, I think of my 5th Grade teacher Ms. Capuano. I remember my friends and I were having some classic 5th grade drama, and she kept us in from recess and made us sit in a circle and talk it out. It's the first time I can remember a teacher focusing solely on our emotions as kids––not because it was affecting us in the classroom, but because she truly cared how everyone was doing. I believe that in order for a kid to be successful in school, they need to feel supported emotionally, and she demonstrated how to do it!

What is something most Packer people wouldn't guess about you?

Even though you’ll see me with a coffee in hand throughout the day at Packer, I actually don’t like the taste of it. I drink it out of caffeine-necessity!

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