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Know Your Pelicans

Meet Lindsay Velazco

Lower School Science Teacher

Know Your Pelicans

What do you teach?

I am the Lower School Science Teacher for the Second through Fourth Grades.

Besides your subject, what’s something you hope to teach your students?

I hope to teach students persistence, inventiveness, skepticism; that failures are part of the process; how to answer their own questions, learn from mistakes, and work together. I hope to teach them that the history of science was written by ordinary people who practiced the same things they do — teamwork, multiple attempts, cleaning up after work. All these extraordinary inventions and discoveries were made by ordinary people who worked hard and made little steps in their knowledge and practiced every day.

What is something that most Packer people wouldn't know about you? 

I make everything. I knit, sew, program… sometimes all together with sewable electronics. I like to breadboard little inventions, and I’m embroidering my carpet at home. I used to cook — canning and making bread from wild yeast — but it took up too much space. I travel every chance I get so I can learn more about site-specific science. I went to Chernobyl. I went to Seychelles to see the world’s only granitic archipelago. I went to India over winter break to learn about ISRO, the Indian Space and Research Organization. I love, love, love learning about science. I’m working on learning German and Spanish. I wish I could scuba dive. I’m going to China and Japan this summer to learn about their space programs. And Base Camp.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

I’d be Super Calculia – I’d like to be able to visualize math concepts with accuracy and speed. Math has always taken me a little longer than my classmates. I never gave up though. When I failed math class, I signed right back up to take it again. I figured that all the rocket scientists in the world, at one point, knew nothing about rocketry. They had to learn it. I’d learn math, even if it took me much longer. It did. But I learned all the math I could, all up to calculus in college.

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