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Know Your Pelicans

Meet Dio Hernandez

Upper School French and Spanish Teacher

Know Your Pelicans

What do you teach?

I teach Upper School French and Spanish. Walking around the building every day I get a shower of "Hola," "Bonjour," and "Hi" from students and colleagues and I love it! 

Tell us about a specific time you found your job especially rewarding.

Every time I see students excited about something they are studying, trying to apply what they have learned, or having conversations in the target language just because it’s fun and useful, it is very rewarding to me, personally and professionally.

Besides your subject, what’s something you hope to teach your students?

I hope that some of what we do in class help students become more confident, more empathetic, and that they strengthen their love and respect for themselves and for others.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? 

If I had a superpower, I would like to make everyone speak and understand every single language in the world, including other animals’ languages. I believe we would be kinder and more respectful towards each other and the rest of earthlings.

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