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Know Your Pelicans

Meet Anna Curtis

Associate Director of Pre and Lower School Admissions and Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Know Your Pelicans

As Associate Director of Pre and Lower School Admissions and Assistant Director of Financial Aid, what do you do for Packer?

I work with prospective Preschool and Lower School families to inform them about all that Packer has to offer and help them to determine if Packer would be the school for their family.

Tell us about a specific time you found your job especially rewarding.

With Admissions, you get to watch the students and families that you invited to Packer grow and flourish. From seeing friendships form among Kindergarten students to reading the college list of seniors, watching the students you interviewed thrive and succeed is incredibly rewarding. There are students who graduated a few years ago who continue to come back to campus and my favorite moments are sitting in my office with them hearing about all of the things they are up to in college, learning about what they’re excited for in the coming years, and watching in awe as they take the bigger world by storm. It’s nice to think that Packer had something to do with helping them get to where they are today, and knowing that I played a small part in that process is something I will always cherish.

What’s one thing you love about your colleagues? 

There is a passion that is palpable at Packer. My colleagues are dedicated to their work, and committed to providing the best educational experience for our students. The faculty and staff at Packer are incredible, brilliant, engaged, and driven and I am constantly learning from my peers. From innovative and unique lesson plans to thoughtful, impromptu lunchroom conversations, there is an obvious love for the work that is being done and a commitment to our students and families. My colleagues challenge me daily to think deeply, speak confidently and act with purpose and heart.

What is your favorite space on campus and why?

The front entrance is my favorite space at Packer. Every morning the steps are filled with parents, caregivers, teachers, friends, visitors, students, and even dogs! It is such a happy place as students are excited to enter the building in the morning and down the stairs at the end of the day (especially if the ice cream truck is parked out front). Regardless of the weather or the challenges of my morning before arriving, those front steps will always brighten my day as I see so many happy faces gathering and catching up with one another.

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