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Know Your Pelicans

Meet Aaron Heflich Shapiro

Manager of Development Services

Know Your Pelicans

As Manager of Development Services, what do you do for Packer? 

I am responsible for all aspects of the Alumni and Development database. I also publish the Student Directory and Annual Report, as well as process all gifts that are donated to Packer. I work closely with the Business Department and create reports for my colleagues to help them understand where we are in terms of our fundraising efforts.

What is something that most Packer people wouldn't know about you?

Before working at Packer, I was a professional Stage Manager for 8 years, working in both theatre and opera all over the country! I’m also a bit of a travel addict and manage to find an exotic adventure to take every time there’s a school break! 

What’s one thing you love about your colleagues? 

My colleagues truly embody the spirit of Packer’s Mission Statement and are some of the kindest, warmest, and smartest people I’ve ever worked with! 

If you had an inspirational fridge magnet (and we’re not saying you would), what would it say and why? 

I used to have this button that someone gave me before I took a 3 month trip to Asia that read “Happiness is a Journey, not a Place.” It’s my favorite quote and it’s so true, both in traveling and in life! Life is about experiencing everything along the journey, not just existing. 

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