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Know Your Pelicans

We feature a new faculty or staff Pelican every Friday of the school year here, on Instagram, and on Facebook.

Meet Meghan Clark
Middle School Computer Science Teacher

I want all my students to understand that it is okay to fail. I want them to be able to push through difficult problems and feel a huge sense of accomplishment and pride when they’re finished.

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Meet Chris Natale
Math Specialist (K-6)

One of my favorite parts of the curriculum is helping kids to think about how to be good problem solvers. It’s hugely important to teach them how to start with a plan and work from there. 

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Meet Sadelle Chain
Middle School Core Teacher

In both the intellectual and personal realms, I hope my students will continue to always ask themselves the questions we base our 6th Grade Core course on: Whose perspective am I hearing? Whose may be left out?  

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