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Equity and Inclusion

Equity is a core value at Packer and an integral part of how we carry out our mission and pursue our vision for educational excellence. 

Equity: embracing diversity, expanding access, and nurturing belonging.

Packer is committed to building and sustaining a diverse community of learners—both students and professionals—that reflects the great diversity of our city. We educate students to listen actively, to become knowledgeable, empathetic, and engaged members of an interconnected and dynamic world, and to speak courageously in the face of injustice.

Packer’s strategic framework, Learning Together, makes explicit our commitment to the essential institutional priorities that create more equitable schools:

  • School-wide curriculum review and improvement, including integration of social-emotional and cultural competencies across the curriculum

  • Enhancement of professional learning opportunities, including development of cultural competencies

  • Strengthening organizational practices, including data-informed decision-making

  • Allocating resources in ways that align with our strategic priorities and needs and support institutional equity work

The Office of Equity and Inclusion leads Packer’s systematic, institution-wide efforts, which are often connected to our focus on social-emotional development, community engagement, and global learning.

Integrators for Inclusive Teaching and Learning partner with classroom teachers to facilitate and support inclusive curriculum principles and equitable teaching practices.

Equity and Inclusion Coordinators work outside the classroom, developing and supporting a broad range of programming for students and faculty/staff, including student and faculty/staff affinity groups.

Global Learning and Community Engagement Coordinators help students reflect on who they are within and beyond the Packer community. Guided by a commitment to service and sustainability, this programming encourages ongoing conversations and engagement with partners rather than “one and done” experiences.

Creating An Equitable Packer

Yuval Ortiz-Quiroga
Head of Equity and Inclusion

Affinity Spaces

Middle and Upper School students can participate in a range of affinity groups.

Meet our Equity and Inclusion Team

Iris Williamson

Middle School Dean of Student Life
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