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Diversity and Equity

Diversity and Equity are guiding principles at Packer. We are committed to building and sustaining a community of students and adults that reflects the great diversity of our city. We are committed to expanding the spaces where all the members of our community can be their full selves. Most of all, we are committed to doing the work that these goals require. Anti-Racism Action Plan
Learn the steps Packer is taking to create and maintain an anti-racist community. 

Our purpose

For Packer students, the benefits of learning in a diverse community where individuality is valued and equity is affirmed are immeasurable. The conversations we initiate throughout the Packer community are openly held and deeply valued. Our work is often connected to our focus on social-emotional development, community engagement, and global learning. We are actively engaged in cultural competency work because we understand the positive impact it can have on all members of our community, more importantly, we know the potential this work has for encouraging justice and empathy in the world beyond Packer’s doors. 

Our students and families

Our commitment to the diversity of people in our community encompasses every social identifier, including, but not limited to, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, economic status, family composition, and ability. As a community, we are focused on the encouragement, support, and experience of every student, and work with families to ensure students experience full membership at Packer. Our students have established a range of affinity groups and clubs to examine the commonalities of their experiences and generate understanding across our community as it relates to various identities, interests and beliefs.

Our events

We hold student-centered events as well as meaningful community events to bring students, families, school professionals, alumni, and neighbors together to share perspectives, find common ground, and build empathy. Our annual school-wide Packer in Action program offers students and adults opportunities to examine, discuss, and dismantle inequities in our community and world. The annual Middle School Equity Simulation gives students first-hand insights into how identifiers impact one’s experiences and opportunities in the world.

Throughout the year we co-sponsor speakers, workshops, meet-ups, and other activities to build on the work of our Community Engagement Program, Global Learning Program, and our Alumni Office.  We also work very closely with the Diversity Discussion Group of the Packer Parent Association, hosting monthly meetings and bringing in outside speakers to help foster growth and conversation.

Think. Speak. Act.

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Learn more about Packer's engagement with diversity and equity work — from classroom curriculum, student-led initiatives, and annual events.

Program Areas

Diversity Knowledge Library

The information provided in this section reflects books, articles, websites, organizations, and other resources that Packer professionals are using in our work with each other and with our students. 

Semeka Smith-Williams
Director of Diversity and Equity

I am motivated when I watch our student leaders take a topic and bring their ideas to it, and then witness their readiness to explore challenging questions.

Read More about Semeka Smith-Williams

New Publication

Diversity Mission Statement

Packer believes that healthy identity development is essential to the academic, social, and emotional growth of our students. As educators, we must create an environment in which all students feel safe, challenged, celebrated, and an integral part of Packer. It is our responsibility to engage all members of our school community in understanding multiple perspectives and participating in anti-bias work. Ultimately, our goal is to prepare students to become contributing members of a multicultural and interconnected society.

Diversity Knowledge Library

Scroll down to discover the books, articles, websites, organizations, and other resources Packer uses to support its diversity & equity work. 

Affinity Spaces

Middle and Upper School students can participate in a range of affinity groups.

Meet our Diversity and Equity Team

Sarah Elkhayat

Learning Specialist, Lower School Diversity and Equity Coordinator

Jeremy Hawkins

Health Teacher, Health Teacher

Carla Kelly

Learning Specialist, Upper School Diversity and Equity Coordinator

Nick Sardar

Head Teacher, Lower School Diversity and Equity Coordinator

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Student workshop at The Packer Collegiate Institute
3rd Graders engage in diversity work

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