Only At Packer


Lot 600 Chez Packer Chef

Win your kid’s heart by letting him or her plan the menu at Chez Packer for the week. Brunch for lunch, burgers, special pasta…..what kid wouldn’t love a chance to call the shots in the kitchen with James Moran? With awesome power comes awesome responsibility: all food groups (ketchup doesn’t count) must have equal billing and the food pyramid is part of the plan.

Donor: James Moran & Chez Packer

Minimum Bid: $200

Lot 601 Elevator Pass for One Week

For a week find out what it'll feel like to be a Packer Senior when you'll have elevator privileges. On a whim, take it up to your classroom, down to get your cello, back up to art class or just ride it for the sheer joy of spending time with Ramon.

Donor: Packer

Minimum Bid: $150

Lot 602 Pile o' Packer Paraphernalia

All things Packer are included inside a long-handled canvas Packer tote bag - umbrella, mug, canvas key holder, dog leash, lapel pin, paperweight, coasters, pen, note cards, luggage tag (great for identifying your child's musical instrument!), brass bookmark, book light, polo shirt, necktie, and a beautiful silk Packer scarf. And don't forget Packer lip balm for the entire family--"It's on everyone's lips!" Donated by the Packer Development Office.

Donor: Packer Development Office

Minimum Bid: $50


 Lot 603 Reserved Seats at May Dance

Ever get stuck behind the tree branches or the six foot guy with the giant video camera at May Dance? The truth is, there are precious few prime viewing spots where you can be sure to see all the action. Buy this and you'll have two reserved seats, up front and center on the stone steps, where you can catch every spin and heel kick. If your child is in Sixth Grade, this is a great chance to see them complete that Packer tradition of weaving the May Pole streamers. If you are the parent of a Lower School child, there will be no better place to watch them grin and dance and celebrate life.

Donor: Packer

Minimum Bid: $150

Lot 604 Day Out with Andrea Kelly

Head of the Packer Lower School, Andrea Kelly, will chaperone your child and a friend for the day anywhere they want to go in New York City. How many places in this fine city have you been meaning to take your kids but somehow never found the time? Here's your chance: Your kid picks the destination, you pick up the tab and everyone wins.

Donor: Andrea Kelly

Minimum Bid: $100

Lot 605 Application Essay Tutor

We were trying to put a price on this, but, honestly, who can place a value on having someone else provide college application essay tutoring? Veteran English teacher and essay mentor Maggie Levine will let cooler heads prevail when she tutors your applicant. Take it from those who have gone before you: you want this lot. And you want it a lot.

Donor: Maggie Levine

Minimum Bid: $100

Lot 606 Lunch with Bruce Dennis

You can break bread with the Head of School, Bruce Dennis. Bruce will take you and three lucky friends out to lunch at a restaurant of your choice. (We’d pick Queen, how about you?) Wherever you choose, he’s picking up the tab. Conversation with Bruce is always engaging and more often than not educational.

Donor: Bruce Dennis

Minimum Bid: $250

Lot 607 Evening with Kelly Pierre & Deborah McDermott

Ms. Pierre and Ms. McDermott will watch over up to four kids at your home; supervise pizza and ice cream sundaes, hang out for a video and games and tell them all a bedtime story on a mutually convenient evening from 6-10 p.m. Just remember, after all this fun there’s no guarantee your kids will be asleep when you come home.

Donor: Kelly Pierre & Debra McDermott

Minimum Bid: $100

Lot 608 Magical History Tour with Cindy Copland

Your child and one friend will meet 1st Grade teacher extraordinaire Cindy Copland at the American Museum of Natural History for a tour of galleries or special exhibits. She will bring the museum alive for your kids in a way they'll always remember. You take care of admission, Ms. Copland will take care of lunch; on a Saturday or Sunday of your choice before June 17, 2007.

Donor: Cindy Copland

Minimum Bid: $100

Lot 609 After School Playdate with Ann Prescott

Have your child meet Ann Prescott after school in the Garden House where they can have a very special playdate in her classroom and then dinner at a local restaurant. Pick him/her up at Ms. Prescott’s Brooklyn Heights home after dinner. (Hey, does that mean you can go on your own playdate?)

Donor: Ann Prescott

Minimum Bid: $100

Lot 610 Friday Movie with Deborah Braconi

Your child and up to five friends will join fifth grade teacher Deborah Braconi in her classroom (MS 055) on a Friday afternoon for a video pizza party from 4–6 p.m. Your child’s choice of movie (pre-approved). Ms. Braconi will provide movie & menu.

Donor: Deborah Braconi

Minimum Bid: $100

Lot 611 Flicks and Slices with Tim Jensen

No one knows the mind of a fourth grader quite like Tim Jensen; he has a devoted following. Indeed, his old students make a habit of stopping by his class for after school snacks on Fridays even after they leave Packer. Extend their time with him by buying this lot. He’ll take your child and up to three friends to a mom-and-dad-approved movie in Brooklyn or Manhattan and out for pizza afterwards on a mutually agreed upon Saturday. Tim covers his expenses; you cover the kids’ costs. Then kick back and read the paper.

Donor: Tim Jensen

Minimum Bid: $100

 Lot 612 Ice Cream with David Youngblut

David Youngblut, sweet man that he is, will take your child and a friend out for ice cream, jokes and riddles on the Promenade, weather permitting, after school on a mutually convenient day.

Donor: David Youngblut

Minimum Bid: $100


Lot 613 Babysitting by Rob Cousins

Enjoy an evening out knowing that your children are safe at home being entertained by this master storyteller and Assistant Head of the Preschool and the Lower School. Limited to three children for three hours on a weeknight.

Donor: Rob Cousins

Minimum Bid: $100

Lot 614 Afternoon at the movies with Matt Nespole

Assistant Head of School Matt Nespole will take your child and up to three friends to a mom-and-dad-approved movie and out to lunch on a mutually agreed upon afternoon (weekends OK) before June 12, 2007. Those in the know say this is great for insider tips on MS Field Day. Mr. Nespole covers his expenses; you cover the kids’ costs.

Donor: Matt Nespole

Minimum Bid: $100


 Lot 615 Something to Sing About - Kindergarten & 1st grade

Stroll into the Winter Sing, just minutes before it begins, and walk right up front to the best seats in the house. Settle into your two reserved seats, right in front of your child’s class and get that camera rolling. For Kindergarten and 1st grade parents, school year 2007-2008.

Donor: Packer

Minimum Bid: $100

Lot 616 Something to Sing About – 2nd & 3rd grade

Stroll into the Winter Sing, just minutes before it begins, and walk right up front to the best seats in the house. Settle into your two reserved seats, right in front of your child’s class and enjoy the music. For 2nd and 3rd grade parents, school year 2007-2008.

Donor: Packer

Minimum Bid: $100

Lot 617 Something to Sing About – 4th grade

Stroll into the Winter Sing, just minutes before it begins, and walk right up front to the best seats in the house. Settle into your two reserved seats, right in front of your child’s class and marvel at how much they’ve grown. This is their final Winter Sing before they enter Middle School! For 4th grade parents, school year 2007-2008.

Donor: Packer

Minimum Bid: $100

Lot 618 Four Tickets for Opening Night – US Musical

Do you know when tickets are on sale for the upcoming US Musical, Leader of the Pack? We don’t. That’s why we’re thrilled to have these four tickets for the best seats in the house on opening night, April 26, 2007 at 7pm.

Donor: Debora Pressman

Minimum Bid: $120

Lot 619 Four Tickets for Opening Night – MS Play

Who knows when tickets are on sale for the upcoming MS Play, Pushcart Wars? We never know and always end up way in the back. We’re thrilled to have these four tickets for the best seats in the house on opening night, May 17th, 2007 at 6:30pm.

Donor: Dinah Gravel

Minimum Bid: $120

 Lot 620 Playdate with Ms. DeWan and Ms. Harlam

Attention All Kindergarten Parents – Ms. DeWan and Ms. Harlam have stepped across the hall to join forces for a dream playdate. These two super assistant teachers will take your child and 3 friends for a Friday afternoon playdate including snack and the activity of their choice. Let the bidding begin.

Donor: Cat DeWan & Anne Harlam

Minimum Bid: $100


 Lot 621 Dim Sum & Ice Cream with Cindy Chien

Ms. Chien, Packer Mandarin teacher will take up to six middle school students out for Dim Sum to Golden Unicorn in Chinatown and to The Chinatown Ice Cream Factory for dessert on a mutually agreeable Sunday. The Shrimp Dumplings and Green Tea Ice Cream will be favorites! Plan your visit before June 30, 2007.

Donor: Cindy Chien

Minimum Bid: $100

 Lot 622 Pizza and a Movie with Ilene Perl

Your child will watch the clock all day waiting for this fabulous playdate. Beloved assistant teacher Ilene Perl will escort your child and a friend to a movie and pizza after school one day (Thursday or Friday afternoon preferred). Expires on June 30, 2007.

Donor: Ilene Perl

Minimum Bid: $100


 Lot 623 Lower School Packer Gym Party with Pippa Mayell

Every Packer parent knows their child's fantasy birthday includes a party in the Packer Gym. As an adult you can't help but wonder “haven't they had enough of Packer”, and the answer is a resounding no. I guess that happens when your school is the happiest place on earth. The icing on the cake is your party will be run by Physical Education Teacher and Department Head Pippa Mayell. Please plan your party with Pippa for a mutually convenient date and availability of the gym.

Donor: Pippa Mayell & The Packer Collegiate Institute

Minimum Bid: $250

Lot 624 Risa Glickman: Intimate Clay Class

Risa Glickman, Lower School Visual Art teacher extraordinaire is offering an intimate Clay Class, for two parents and two children (2nd grade and up), in which great attention is paid to the project and each participant. Meet in the Garden House Studio for two hours one mutually agreeable afternoon after school to make the sculpture, and one hour at a later date, to glaze the clay once it is fired.

Donor: Risa Glickman

Minimum Bid: $100


Lot 625 Create Piñatas with Ned Griefen

Your child can spend two or three afternoons from 3:30-4:20 p.m. making whimsical, animal-shaped piñatas with ever popular 1st grade teacher, Mr. Griefen. They can even bring a friend!

Donor: Ned Griefen

Minimum Bid: $100

Lot 626 Playdate with Jeanette Selles

She is known adoringly by some as “Jeanetti Spaghetti”. Jeanette is a Pied Piper amongst the mushroom village crowd. This child expert and Packer teacher will entertain up to 4 children (age three and up). This special three to four hours can include baking cookies or planning an adventure. Attention all Hamptonites, Jeanette would love to do this in the Hamptons this summer.

Donor: Jeanette Selles

Minimum Bid: $100


Lot 627 Snyder/DeWan Kindergarten Beach Bag

You’ll feel like Annette Funicello in Beach Blanket Bingo when you walk home with this one of a kind beach bag creation. Ms. Snyder’s and Ms. DeWan’s class have colored till their clothes are blue. Take home this keepsake of each class member’s self portrait adorning this large LL Bean tote. Go to the beach in style.

Donor: Tara Dixon, Lisa Paige, the children of K-SD

Minimum Bid: $200

Lot 628 Smith-Williams/Harlam Beach Bag
Vamos a la playa! Don’t leave for the beach without your LL Bean beach tote adorned with self portraits of each class member. What a fabulous combination--your child’s art and a day at the beach.

Donor: Tara Dixon, Lisa Paige, the children of K-SH

Minimum Bid: $200


Lot 629 Threes/Fours’ Warhol Table and Chair Set

Don’t miss the opportunity to decorate your child’s room with this child size table and chair set adorned with the entire Wheeler/Selles class in Warhol form. This picture perfect creation is sure to be the best keepsake for this special time in your young child’s life.

Donor: Tara Dixon & Jean Ervasti

Minimum Bid: $200

Lot 630 Mary Stanton/Jennifer Allen's Framed Warhol Creation

The Fours/Fives Warhol inspired creation will not only be a keepsake but a work of art. Jean Ervasti, skilled photographer and Packer parent, has immortalized this special time in your 4's/5's life and artist and Packer parent Tara Dixon has worked with the students to put a personal touch on their portraits. This creation will be assembled and framed to last a lifetime.

Donor: RR Frames, Inc. /Jean Ervasti & Tara Dixon

Minimum Bid: $300


Lot 631 Jr. First Prescott/Murray Silk Screened Napkins

Ann Prescott and Liz Murray's Jr. First Sharks have used their creative thumbs to create a set of 12 silk screened dinner napkins. Packer parent and artist Tara Dixon facilitated the children using their fingerprints to create one-of-a-kind bugs which are silk screened on these fabulous napkins. Be the lucky family to own this keepsake.

Donor: Tara Dixon & the Creative Sharks

Minimum bid: $200

 Lot 632 Visit The Museum of Natural History with Ms. Kristiansen

Inger Kristiansen has charmed her science students for years in the Lower School. She knows a lot about everything under the sun and delivers it in her iconic low-key manner so that learning is exactly what it should be: natural and fun. Your child and a friend will enjoy an afternoon with her at the Museum of Natural History. Your child will love it and come back richer for the experience. You cover expenses; Ms. Kristiansen covers the information.

Donor: Inger Kristiansen

Minimum Bid: $100


 Lot 633 Handcrafted Giraffe Pillow by Ms. Stanton

Calling all Giraffes! Your little Giraffe will surely adore this cozy colorful handcrafted pillow made with love by LS teacher Mary Stanton. Gingerbread the Giraffe adorns the face of this 12” square pillow and will remind your child of the great times in the 2006-07 Fours/Fives class.

Donor: Mary Stanton

Minimum Bid: $100