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Packer uses an electronic health records system, or “Health Portal,” called CareFlow Electronic Student Health Records. Student information is saved from year to year to make health form submissions as efficient and accurate as possible.

[Note to Packer employees: The Faculty/Staff Health Form remains a PDF download.]

The online health questionnaire to be completed by parents are now available at CareFlow and, for new students, must be electronically submitted directly to CareFlow early in the summer. You will use your Packer Parent login to access and complete the required forms for your child.

  • Parents of all returning Packer students are required to complete CareFlow’s online health questionnaire by Monday, July 11. If your child’s annual physical exam will expire over the summer, you must also submit up-to-date physician’s forms, completed and signed by your child’s physician, by July 11. Physician’s forms that will expire during the 2016-17 school year will need to be resubmitted upon their expiration, following the same procedure.
  • Parents of new Packer students are required to complete CareFlow’s online health questionnaire and submit up-to-date physician’s forms, completed and signed by your child’s physician, by Monday, July 11.

We depend on you to submit accurate and updated health information every 12 months, from the date of the last physical exam. Having current and comprehensive information on your child allows us to provide the best care for him or her and provide a safe school environment for all.

More comprehensive information regarding CareFlow is below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Liz Ann Doherty, RN, & Sabrina Hellman, RN, NP
The Packer Nurses
Phone: (718) 250-0259
Fax: (718) 250-0292


Information about CareFlow

Log in at CareFlow using your Packer Parent username and password.

Health information about your child must be submitted via two methods:

  1. Parent Forms: Fill out the online questionnaires about your child’s health history and healthcare providers, as well as permission to administer over-the-counter (OTC) medication and consent for emergency medical treatment. Must be completed by all students (new and returning) by Monday, July 13.
  2. Physician Forms: After you fill out the online health questionnaires about your child, CareFlow will then provide you with a Cover Letter and a PDF file of Physician’s Forms to download: That PDF will contain all the physician’s forms that are deemed necessary for your child. It will also include a unique QR code that allows CareFlow to link each form automatically to your child’s profile.

• Required for all students every 12 months —> Student Physical Exam Form (Packer form)

• Required for some students every 12 months —>

If your child is in 7th through 12th Grade: Off-Campus Self-Medication Release Form (Packer form)

If your child has asthma: Asthma Action Plan (Packer form)

If your child has a severe, life-threatening allergy requiring an EpiPen: Severe Allergy Treatment Plan (Packer form)

If your child has diabetes: Diabetic Medication Form (NYC form)

If your child requires prescription medication during the day: Doctor’s Order (copy of current prescription, or letter generated by physician) — NOTE: Must be resubmitted whenever medication or dose changes

• Required as needed: If your child cannot participate fully in academic or physical activities (i.e., no gym class due to orthopedic injury or recovery from illness): Return to School Doctor’s Order. NOTE: Must be resubmitted whenever doctor’s order change

How to Submit Physician Forms to Packer: Print and submit to your child’s physician each QR-coded form generated by CareFlow. Once completed by the physician, upload digitized versions of the complete forms to CareFlow (Detailed instructions for this step are included in the Cover Letter generated by CareFlow and are available on the CareFlow Health Portal.)

Technical Support

For technical support in navigating the new system, please contact CareFlow (at or (610)422-2969, or via chat support).

Please do not contact the Nurses’ Office with questions about CareFlow.

The Packer Collegiate Institute
170 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 250-0200
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